Adapted Bath



Lifting ones leg over a conventional bathtub, may pose as a severe challenge and danger. It may be because of an accident, disease, age or just a general fear of falling. Whatever the reason, this lack of mobility until recently has had only one alternative – purchase a new walk in tub for $3,000. The installation process requires an additional $7,000 for demolition and reconstruction of the tiles and plumbing. Consequently, bringing the total costs to $10,000.

Today “Adapted Bath” can make your old bathtub a walk in tub at a total cost of $1,500. Yes, for just 10% of the cost of replacement. The “Adapted Bath” offers a safe, pleasant and personalized bathing experience for those with mobility challenges. You can now stay home longer knowing you have  installed Adapted Bath.  Modify your existing bathtub into a walk-in-tub in 3 hours.

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