When my husband Mark had his stroke I was thrown into a new chapter of our lives over night. I had to care for him but I wasn’t in the best of shape myself. Taking a bath was the most fearful time of day. Mark lost the ability to lift his legs over the tub and would lean on me to enter.  I searched far and wide for an affordable walk in bathtub to no avail, until I found Adapted Bath. They retrofitted our tub and installed the baignoire adaptee all within a few hours for a nominal cost. Now taking a bath is pleasant and peaceful. Thank you for this ingenious product.
Mark and Shelly-Westmount, Qc.

I feel as though I have my freedom back. Prior to the Adapted Bath I would have to have someone help me with my bathing process, not anymore!
God Bless you Joyce for the outstanding service and thank you for all your support.
Mrs. Weinstock-Cote Saint Luc, Qc.

In all my years I have never had such a great experience with any company. From the onset of the first visit, the kind words and the loving support was apparent. The technician took his time explaining the process and included me throughout the entire procedure.
Thank you for treating me like a human being and not another number.
G. Walker- Pointe Claire, Qc.

After my diagnosis with MS the little things that we don’t even think about become important. Keeping to my daily routine became my primary goal. Regaining my autonomy to bathe myself is one of the most empowering sentiments ever.
Let this product be known for it re-gave me my freedom.
Nadia- Montreal West, Qc.

I was so happy Joyce mentioned there was a government subsidy.  I am thrilled that I modified my bath without having to put a cent in.  Thank you for changing my life!
A. Rosner Montreal Qc

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