Process and Timeline

  1. Set up meeting for free estimate
  2. Choose the product, size and color from Adapted bath to be placed in bathtub
  3. Schedule work date and time
  4. Trained and certified professional arrives on scheduled date and begins to do the following of which will take on average between 3-4 hours:
    1. Clean the tub
    2. Cut an opening in the bathtub with specialized tools to where the Adapted bath product will be placed
    3. Re-enforces the base of the opening to assure the safety of the client
    4. Places the Adapted bath in the opening
    5. Adheres the product to the tub with patented technologies
    6. The technician assures the water barrier is complete by sealing around the opening of the adapted bath
  5. The bathtub should then not be used for 72 hours to allow for comprehensive adhesion.
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